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World League 20181003711266936750
Chess960 World League 201873259665216684
Team Argentina6.020.0007797
Team Russia6.018.000110216
Team Iran5.012.00026223
Team Ukraine5.010.000140175
Team England4.09.00052106
Team Canada3.07.000146124
Team Spain3.04.00091174
Srbija Tim2.04.00066245
Team Romania1.00.00024177
Team Slovakia0.00.0005778
Round 1PlayersCompleted
Srbija Tim16.5171.0 x 247.0-20.5Team Canada211100.00%
Team Russia-7.0549.5 x 380.57.0Team England46999.15%
Team Ukraine-14.5196.0 x 164.012.5Team Slovakia18299.45%
Team Argentina-7.0193.0 x 196.07.0Team Iran19997.74%
Team Spain-6.5324.0 x 238.06.5Team Romania28299.65%
Round 2PlayersCompleted
Team Canada-9.5389.5 x 418.57.5Team Spain40999.02%
Team Romania4.0116.0 x 227.0-4.0Team Iran17498.56%
Team Argentina-5.5188.5 x 124.53.5Team Slovakia16297.22%
Team Ukraine-10.5303.5 x 292.510.5Team England30697.39%
Srbija Tim-1.5170.0 x 240.0-0.5Team Russia20998.56%
Round 3PlayersCompleted
Team Russia5.5531.5 x 329.5-5.5Team Canada44696.52%
Team Ukraine-10.0243.5 x 174.58.0Srbija Tim21597.67%
Team Argentina-10.0306.5 x 235.58.0Team England28495.77%
Team Romania11.0136.5 x 134.5-11.0Team Slovakia14494.10%
Team Spain0.0162.0 x 208.0-2.0Team Iran19097.89%
Round 4PlayersCompleted
Team Canada-6.0214.5 x 210.54.0Team Iran24088.96%
Team Spain0.0152.0 x 118.0-2.0Team Slovakia15090.67%
Team Romania2.0107.5 x 246.5-2.0Team England19889.39%
Srbija Tim2.0141.0 x 237.0-2.0Team Argentina20592.20%
Team Russia0.0314.5 x 186.50.0Team Ukraine27391.76%
Round 5PlayersCompleted
Team Canada3.0258.5 x 260.5-5.0Team Ukraine32480.40%
Team Argentina2.0334.5 x 185.5-4.0Team Russia32480.56%
Srbija Tim-5.0183.0 x 130.05.0Team Romania18684.14%
Team Spain-0.5201.0 x 347.00.5Team England33881.07%
Team Iran-3.0134.0 x 92.01.0Team Slovakia14379.72%
Round 6PlayersCompleted
Team Canada-1.078.5 x 53.51.0Team Slovakia12652.38%
Team Iran1.598.0 x 141.0-1.5Team England21854.82%
Team Spain0.0171.5 x 185.50.0Srbija Tim28662.41%
Team Russia-2.0218.5 x 92.52.0Team Romania26758.24%
Team Argentina3.0201.5 x 119.5-3.0Team Ukraine29554.41%
Round 7PlayersCompleted
Team Canada0.02.0 x 5.00.0Team Argentina3501.00%
Team Ukraine0.011.5 x 2.50.0Team Romania2023.47%
Team Spain0.02.5 x 7.50.0Team Russia2082.40%
Srbija Tim0.01.0 x 3.00.0Team Iran1851.08%
Team England0.03.5 x 2.50.0Team Slovakia1222.46%
Round 8PlayersCompleted
Team Canada0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team England0-
Srbija Tim0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Slovakia0-
Team Russia0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Iran0-
Team Ukraine0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Spain0-
Team Argentina0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Romania0-
Round 9PlayersCompleted
Team Romania0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Canada0-
Team Spain0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Argentina0-
Team Iran0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Ukraine0-
Team Slovakia0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Russia0-
Team England0.00.0 x 0.00.0Srbija Tim0-