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Team Slovakia20.0713.16014843
Chess Team Holland18.0658.43016898
Team Azerbaijan16.5571.250156119
Bosnia and Herzegovina11.0547.51028118
Team Greece11.0546.380226145
Team of the Czech Republic10.5566.67090100
Team Italia9.0522.53013299
THE ALBANIANS8.0512.31070101
Hungarian Chess Group8.0497.69015064
Team Belgium7.0509.630104113
Team Slovenija7.0508.2005482
Team Scotland5.0446.2504061
Team Slovakia-1.032.5 x 43.51.0Hungarian Chess Group38100.00%
Team Slovakia2.5102.5 x 41.5-2.5Team Belgium72100.00%
Team Slovakia-2.5114.5 x 79.52.5Chess Team Holland97100.00%
Team Slovakia-8.081.5 x 44.58.0Team of the Czech Republic63100.00%
Team Slovakia2.0117.5 x 56.5-2.0Team Azerbaijan87100.00%
Team Slovakia-1.5104.0 x 66.01.5Team Italia85100.00%
Team Slovakia0.049.5 x 18.50.0Team Slovenija34100.00%
Team Slovakia0.552.5 x 29.5-0.5Bosnia and Herzegovina41100.00%
Team Slovakia-2.555.5 x 26.52.5THE ALBANIANS41100.00%
Team Slovakia9.5120.5 x 73.5-9.5Team Greece97100.00%
Team Slovakia-5.585.0 x 21.05.5Team Scotland53100.00%