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World League 20131125161186240056
European League 201353258759929390
Chess960 World League 201354265710721462
Champions League 20133417721596750
Pan-american League 2013369814603676
US League 201329848932294
Team Nigeria9.036.0005429
Team Ireland7.024.0002844
Team Schweiz Suisse Svizzera6.020.000825
Team Argentina5.016.5003059
Team Denmark5.016.000222
Team Wales4.011.0002439
Equipo Team Chile3.011.500462
Team Latvia3.06.0002448
Team Egypt 1.55.7506851
Team Turkmenistan1.53.75010026
Round 1PlayersCompleted
Team Schweiz-Suisse-Svizzera0.015.5 x 12.50.0Team Argentina14100.00%
Team Nigeria-3.037.0 x 27.03.0Team ( Egypt )32100.00%
Equipo/Team Chile2.018.5 x 27.5-2.0Team Ireland23100.00%
Team Latvia2.520.0 x 24.0-2.5Team Wales22100.00%
Team Denmark6.520.5 x 17.5-6.5Team Turkmenistan19100.00%
Round 2PlayersCompleted
Team Denmark2.018.0 x 22.0-2.0Team Argentina20100.00%
Team Wales7.025.0 x 23.0-7.0Team Turkmenistan24100.00%
Team Ireland-0.535.0 x 23.00.5Team Latvia29100.00%
Team Nigeria-6.025.0 x 17.06.0Equipo/Team Chile21100.00%
Team Schweiz-Suisse-Svizzera3.013.5 x 12.5-3.0Team ( Egypt )13100.00%
Round 3PlayersCompleted
Team ( Egypt )-9.035.0 x 33.09.0Team Argentina34100.00%
Equipo/Team Chile0.022.5 x 17.50.0Team Schweiz-Suisse-Svizzera20100.00%
Team Nigeria-4.024.5 x 15.54.0Team Latvia20100.00%
Team Turkmenistan-8.523.5 x 24.58.5Team Ireland24100.00%
Team Wales-2.023.0 x 19.02.0Team Denmark21100.00%
Round 4PlayersCompleted
Team Argentina-5.540.5 x 33.55.5Team Wales37100.00%
Team Ireland-2.021.5 x 26.52.0Team Denmark24100.00%
Team Nigeria7.529.5 x 18.5-7.5Team Turkmenistan24100.00%
Team Schweiz-Suisse-Svizzera0.025.5 x 8.50.0Team Latvia17100.00%
Equipo/Team Chile5.021.5 x 18.5-5.0Team ( Egypt )20100.00%
Round 5PlayersCompleted
Team Argentina-3.033.0 x 19.03.0Equipo/Team Chile26100.00%
Team ( Egypt )-6.023.0 x 27.06.0Team Latvia25100.00%
Team Turkmenistan-4.017.0 x 23.04.0Team Schweiz-Suisse-Svizzera20100.00%
Team Nigeria-6.532.0 x 10.06.5Team Denmark21100.00%
Team Wales-1.034.0 x 48.01.0Team Ireland41100.00%
Round 6PlayersCompleted
Team Ireland-2.034.0 x 24.02.0Team Argentina29100.00%
Team Nigeria-4.552.0 x 16.04.5Team Wales34100.00%
Team Schweiz-Suisse-Svizzera-1.524.0 x 16.01.5Team Denmark20100.00%
Team ( Egypt )-2.021.0 x 21.02.0Team Turkmenistan21100.00%
Equipo/Team Chile0.014.5 x 17.50.0Team Latvia16100.00%
Round 7PlayersCompleted
Team Latvia-1.018.0 x 26.01.0Team Argentina22100.00%
Team Turkmenistan-1.023.0 x 19.01.0Equipo/Team Chile21100.00%
Team Denmark4.027.5 x 18.5-4.0Team ( Egypt )23100.00%
Team Wales0.019.0 x 21.00.0Team Schweiz-Suisse-Svizzera20100.00%
Team Ireland2.520.0 x 58.0-2.5Team Nigeria39100.00%
Round 8PlayersCompleted
Team Argentina1.026.0 x 36.0-1.0Team Nigeria31100.00%
Team Schweiz-Suisse-Svizzera-2.015.5 x 24.52.0Team Ireland20100.00%
Team ( Egypt )0.030.0 x 34.00.0Team Wales32100.00%
Equipo/Team Chile0.025.5 x 26.50.0Team Denmark26100.00%
Team Turkmenistan5.020.0 x 24.0-5.0Team Latvia22100.00%
Round 9PlayersCompleted
Team Turkmenistan2.016.5 x 23.5-2.0Team Argentina20100.00%
Team Denmark2.025.5 x 16.5-2.0Team Latvia21100.00%
Team Wales-2.023.0 x 25.02.0Equipo/Team Chile24100.00%
Team Ireland2.534.0 x 20.0-2.5Team ( Egypt )27100.00%
Team Nigeria0.01.0 x 0.00.0Team Schweiz-Suisse-Svizzera0-