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World League 20141044571311243220
European League 201446243831032018
Chess960 World League 201465280667720174
Champions League 20143719820956682
Pan-american League 2014206114883232
Team Armenia9.036.000130146
Team Russia8.028.000118111
Team Romania5.515.750114146
Srbija Tim5.015.50622072
Team Ukraine5.013.000128142
Team Slovakia5.012.50088106
Team Bulgaria 3.56.75094139
Team Germany2.06.000186158
Team Iran1.02.0024208209
Team Poland1.01.00068101
Round 1PlayersCompleted
Team Armenia1.5133.0 x 67.0-9.5Srbija Tim104100.00%
Team Russia-0.590.0 x 50.00.5Team Bulgaria /Съединението прави силата/70100.00%
Team Poland-6.066.5 x 103.56.0Team Ukraine85100.00%
Team Germany-3.5109.0 x 117.03.5Team Slovakia113100.00%
Team Iran-10.5151.0 x 187.06.5Team Romania171100.00%
Round 2PlayersCompleted
Srbija Tim-12.576.5 x 117.510.5Team Romania98100.00%
Team Germany-3.0109.0 x 129.03.0Team Iran119100.00%
Team Ukraine-7.5105.0 x 129.05.5Team Slovakia118100.00%
Team Bulgaria /Съединението прави силата/1.067.0 x 59.0-3.0Team Poland64100.00%
Team Russia-4.5129.5 x 208.52.5Team Armenia170100.00%
Round 3PlayersCompleted
Team Russia5.0112.5 x 75.5-5.0Srbija Tim94100.00%
Team Poland1.566.5 x 105.5-7.5Team Armenia89100.00%
Team Slovakia-0.580.0 x 52.0-1.5Team Bulgaria /Съединението прави силата/67100.00%
Team Ukraine-6.0110.5 x 71.5-2.0Team Iran95100.00%
Team Romania5.0165.0 x 141.0-5.0Team Germany153100.00%
Round 4PlayersCompleted
Team Germany0.579.5 x 68.5-4.5Srbija Tim76100.00%
Team Ukraine-4.0149.5 x 116.54.0Team Romania133100.00%
Team Bulgaria /Съединението прави силата/4.0103.0 x 69.0-4.0Team Iran86100.00%
Team Armenia0.0101.5 x 84.5-2.0Team Slovakia94100.00%
Team Russia-10.083.0 x 67.010.0Team Poland75100.00%
Round 5PlayersCompleted
Srbija Tim-8.589.5 x 76.58.5Team Poland83100.00%
Team Slovakia-4.073.5 x 100.54.0Team Russia87100.00%
Team Armenia3.0124.5 x 71.5-7.0Team Iran100100.00%
Team Romania0.0116.0 x 116.00.0Team Bulgaria /Съединението прави силата/116100.00%
Team Ukraine-7.5144.0 x 124.01.5Team Germany137100.00%
Round 6PlayersCompleted
Team Ukraine7.598.5 x 101.5-7.5Srbija Tim100100.00%
Team Germany-8.5108.0 x 110.08.5Team Bulgaria /Съединението прави силата/109100.00%
Team Romania6.092.5 x 167.5-6.0Team Armenia130100.00%
Team Russia7.5111.0 x 49.0-7.5Team Iran80100.00%
Team Slovakia-0.585.0 x 55.00.5Team Poland70100.00%
Round 7PlayersCompleted
Team Slovakia7.574.5 x 93.5-7.5Srbija Tim84100.00%
Team Poland2.067.5 x 64.5-2.0Team Iran66100.00%
Team Romania4.052.0 x 156.0-4.0Team Russia104100.00%
Team Germany-6.575.5 x 134.54.5Team Armenia106100.00%
Team Ukraine-2.0144.5 x 95.52.0Team Bulgaria /Съединението прави силата/120100.00%
Round 8PlayersCompleted
Srbija Tim-5.596.0 x 82.03.5Team Bulgaria /Съединението прави силата/90100.00%
Team Ukraine3.0112.5 x 183.5-3.0Team Armenia148100.00%
Team Russia-5.5138.0 x 82.05.5Team Germany110100.00%
Team Romania-2.579.5 x 60.52.5Team Poland70100.00%
Team Iran-8.553.0 x 87.08.5Team Slovakia70100.00%
Round 9PlayersCompleted
Team Iran-3.585.5 x 96.51.5Srbija Tim92100.00%
Team Romania2.0109.0 x 83.0-2.0Team Slovakia96100.00%
Team Germany-6.079.5 x 74.52.0Team Poland79100.00%
Team Ukraine5.5137.0 x 185.0-5.5Team Russia161100.00%
Team Armenia-4.0146.0 x 90.02.0Team Bulgaria /Съединението прави силата/119100.00%