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World League 20141044571311243220
European League 201446243831032018
Chess960 World League 201465280667720174
Champions League 20143719820956682
Pan-american League 2014206114883232
Team Armenia9.036.000208173
Team Russia8.028.000412278
Team Germany6.520.750520386
Team USA5.012.500294188
Team Romania5.011.500224315
Team England4.09.500366167
Team Ukraine3.05.500192221
Team Slovakia3.04.500218232
Srbija Tim1.53.250320204
Team Iran0.00.0010294359
Round 1PlayersCompleted
Team USA-20.5190.5 x 139.520.5Team Ukraine165100.00%
Team Armenia7.5179.5 x 148.5-9.5Srbija Tim165100.00%
Team Germany-26.5307.0 x 295.04.5Team Iran312100.00%
Team Romania-1.0227.5 x 202.5-3.0Team Slovakia217100.00%
Team England14.0328.5 x 441.5-32.0Team Russia394100.00%
Round 2PlayersCompleted
Team Ukraine25.0129.0 x 195.0-27.0Team Russia163100.00%
Team England-9.5322.0 x 324.07.5Team Romania324100.00%
Team Germany-22.5209.5 x 180.512.5Team Slovakia200100.00%
Srbija Tim-9.0172.0 x 136.01.0Team Iran158100.00%
Team USA4.5153.0 x 257.0-8.5Team Armenia207100.00%
Round 3PlayersCompleted
Team Armenia-1.0208.5 x 155.5-1.0Team Ukraine183100.00%
Team USA-9.0188.0 x 102.01.0Team Iran149100.00%
Team Slovakia5.0174.5 x 131.5-15.0Srbija Tim158100.00%
Team Germany-16.5343.5 x 298.58.5Team England325100.00%
Team Russia-33.5311.0 x 259.027.5Team Romania288100.00%
Round 4PlayersCompleted
Team Ukraine-5.0179.5 x 188.51.0Team Romania186100.00%
Team Germany-28.5291.5 x 350.514.5Team Russia328100.00%
Srbija Tim-9.0164.5 x 171.5-1.0Team England173100.00%
Team USA-22.5187.5 x 110.518.5Team Slovakia151100.00%
Team Armenia1.0148.0 x 74.0-1.0Team Iran11299.55%
Round 5PlayersCompleted
Team Ukraine-6.0161.5 x 120.54.0Team Iran142100.00%
Team Armenia-0.5174.0 x 124.0-1.5Team Slovakia150100.00%
Team USA10.0214.5 x 295.5-16.0Team England258100.00%
Team Russia-3.5178.0 x 106.0-4.5Srbija Tim146100.00%
Team Romania29.5210.5 x 255.5-29.5Team Germany233100.00%
Round 6PlayersCompleted
Team Ukraine17.092.0 x 160.0-25.0Team Germany130100.00%
Team Romania18.5143.5 x 104.5-20.5Srbija Tim125100.00%
Team USA2.5157.0 x 323.0-12.5Team Russia245100.00%
Team England3.0176.5 x 217.5-9.0Team Armenia200100.00%
Team Iran-8.0124.5 x 145.58.0Team Slovakia135100.00%
Round 7PlayersCompleted
Team Ukraine-5.5129.5 x 130.55.5Team Slovakia130100.00%
Team Iran-2.0102.0 x 124.00.0Team England114100.00%
Team Russia0.0168.0 x 198.0-4.0Team Armenia185100.00%
Team USA-12.0252.5 x 183.512.0Team Romania218100.00%
Team Germany-2.5151.0 x 151.02.5Srbija Tim151100.00%
Round 8PlayersCompleted
Team Ukraine5.0184.0 x 120.0-7.0Srbija Tim153100.00%
Team USA12.0124.5 x 213.5-18.0Team Germany172100.00%
Team Romania6.0104.0 x 214.0-6.0Team Armenia159100.00%
Team Iran1.567.5 x 160.5-1.5Team Russia114100.00%
Team Slovakia6.5137.5 x 142.5-6.5Team England140100.00%
Round 9PlayersCompleted
Team England-9.5165.0 x 179.05.5Team Ukraine174100.00%
Team Russia-9.0143.0 x 107.05.0Team Slovakia127100.00%
Team Romania-11.5123.5 x 76.59.5Team Iran101100.00%
Team Germany-9.0180.0 x 244.05.0Team Armenia214100.00%
Team USA3.5183.5 x 134.5-7.5Srbija Tim161100.00%