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World League 2015984411287041946
European League 201546243795731292
Chess960 World League 201567297687721630
Champions League 20154826419797260
Team Greece7.030.5004033
Team Georgia7.025.5003016
Team Scotland5.522.2502019
Team Argentina5.019.0001435
Team Catalonia4.517.7503015
Team Moldova4.014.5003221
Team Italia4.014.50102225
Team Belgium3.015.5004039
Team Estonia3.011.000820
Team Finland2.07.0001213
Round 1PlayersCompleted
Team Greece-3.015.5 x 14.53.0Team Estonia15100.00%
Team Moldova1.022.5 x 23.5-1.0Team Georgia23100.00%
Team Italia1.023.5 x 24.5-1.0Team Argentina24100.00%
Team Finland2.016.5 x 25.5-2.0Team Scotland21100.00%
Team Catalonia-7.527.0 x 23.07.5Team Belgium25100.00%
Round 2PlayersCompleted
Team Estonia2.011.5 x 12.5-2.0Team Catalonia12100.00%
Team Belgium-1.519.5 x 20.51.5Team Finland20100.00%
Team Scotland2.041.0 x 35.0-2.0Team Italia38100.00%
Team Moldova2.029.0 x 15.0-2.0Team Argentina22100.00%
Team Greece2.017.5 x 16.5-2.0Team Georgia17100.00%
Round 3PlayersCompleted
Team Georgia-3.512.0 x 10.03.5Team Estonia11100.00%
Team Greece-0.546.0 x 20.0-1.5Team Argentina34100.00%
Team Scotland0.029.0 x 21.0-2.0Team Moldova26100.00%
Team Belgium-4.019.5 x 32.54.0Team Italia26100.00%
Team Finland0.014.5 x 19.50.0Team Catalonia17100.00%
Round 4PlayersCompleted
Team Finland1.010.0 x 14.0-1.0Team Estonia12100.00%
Team Catalonia1.016.5 x 21.5-1.0Team Italia19100.00%
Team Moldova1.534.0 x 22.0-1.5Team Belgium28100.00%
Team Scotland1.529.0 x 43.0-5.5Team Greece38100.00%
Team Georgia-2.028.5 x 25.52.0Team Argentina27100.00%
Round 5PlayersCompleted
Team Estonia1.012.0 x 10.0-1.0Team Argentina11100.00%
Team Scotland-2.020.5 x 17.50.0Team Georgia20100.00%
Team Greece-1.534.0 x 54.01.5Team Belgium44100.00%
Team Moldova1.024.0 x 10.0-1.0Team Catalonia17100.00%
Team Finland2.024.5 x 15.5-2.0Team Italia20100.00%
Round 6PlayersCompleted
Team Estonia2.09.5 x 10.5-2.0Team Italia10100.00%
Team Moldova-1.023.0 x 11.01.0Team Finland17100.00%
Team Greece-2.013.0 x 15.00.0Team Catalonia15100.00%
Team Georgia-2.027.0 x 19.02.0Team Belgium23100.00%
Team Argentina1.045.0 x 23.0-1.0Team Scotland34100.00%
Round 7PlayersCompleted
Team Scotland0.011.5 x 10.50.0Team Estonia11100.00%
Team Argentina0.055.0 x 17.00.0Team Belgium36100.00%
Team Georgia0.018.5 x 3.5-2.0Team Catalonia12100.00%
Team Greece-1.017.5 x 12.51.0Team Finland15100.00%
Team Moldova0.517.0 x 23.0-0.5Team Italia20100.00%
Round 8PlayersCompleted
Team Moldova-2.09.0 x 15.02.0Team Estonia12100.00%
Team Greece2.534.0 x 26.0-2.5Team Italia30100.00%
Team Georgia-4.021.0 x 7.02.0Team Finland15100.00%
Team Argentina3.018.0 x 10.0-3.0Team Catalonia14100.00%
Team Scotland0.036.5 x 55.50.0Team Belgium46100.00%
Round 9PlayersCompleted
Team Estonia-1.59.0 x 15.01.5Team Belgium12100.00%
Team Scotland0.018.0 x 18.00.0Team Catalonia18100.00%
Team Argentina1.026.0 x 10.0-1.0Team Finland18100.00%
Team Georgia1.029.0 x 9.0-1.0Team Italia19100.00%
Team Moldova-4.016.5 x 23.54.0Team Greece20100.00%