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World League 20161024551294142416
Chess960 World League 201669302706221942
Champions League 20164623819557456
Team Iran9.036.000162219
Team Russia8.028.000128155
Srbija Tim7.021.000166142
Team Ukraine6.015.000146187
Team Slovakia4.09.00010892
Team Poland4.07.00064174
Team Romania3.04.00088193
Team Bulgaria2.04.000182119
Team Armenia2.02.00032154
Team USA0.00.00088110
Round 1PlayersCompleted
Team Ukraine-7.5187.0 x 165.07.5Team Poland176100.00%
Team Armenia7.587.5 x 98.5-7.5Team Iran93100.00%
Srbija Tim-8.5104.5 x 83.52.5Team Slovakia97100.00%
Team USA1.0102.5 x 141.5-1.0Team Romania122100.00%
Team Russia6.5180.5 x 99.5-10.5Team Bulgaria142100.00%
Round 2PlayersCompleted
Team Poland-1.0117.5 x 186.51.0Team Russia152100.00%
Team Romania11.5185.5 x 138.5-11.5Team Bulgaria162100.00%
Team USA6.080.5 x 123.5-8.0Srbija Tim103100.00%
Team Iran-6.0117.5 x 78.54.0Team Slovakia99100.00%
Team Ukraine-6.5113.0 x 97.06.5Team Armenia105100.00%
Round 3PlayersCompleted
Team Poland-4.593.5 x 88.54.5Team Armenia91100.00%
Team Ukraine-5.5124.0 x 78.05.5Team Slovakia101100.00%
Team USA5.093.0 x 163.0-5.0Team Iran128100.00%
Team Bulgaria-6.0100.0 x 148.02.0Srbija Tim126100.00%
Team Russia-8.0295.5 x 176.58.0Team Romania236100.00%
Round 4PlayersCompleted
Team Poland3.5133.5 x 124.5-3.5Team Romania129100.00%
Srbija Tim-8.0174.5 x 191.58.0Team Russia183100.00%
Team Bulgaria-1.0118.5 x 167.5-3.0Team Iran145100.00%
Team USA3.593.5 x 128.5-3.5Team Ukraine111100.00%
Team Slovakia-1.586.0 x 66.01.5Team Armenia76100.00%
Round 5PlayersCompleted
Team Slovakia-10.5124.0 x 114.010.5Team Poland119100.00%
Team USA-1.061.0 x 89.01.0Team Armenia75100.00%
Team Ukraine5.0110.0 x 66.0-7.0Team Bulgaria89100.00%
Team Iran-6.5206.5 x 201.52.5Team Russia206100.00%
Team Romania10.5150.0 x 190.0-12.5Srbija Tim171100.00%
Round 6PlayersCompleted
Srbija Tim-10.5142.5 x 87.510.5Team Poland115100.00%
Team Iran-5.0246.5 x 121.55.0Team Romania184100.00%
Team Ukraine10.075.5 x 156.5-10.0Team Russia116100.00%
Team Bulgaria-8.071.5 x 74.58.0Team Armenia73100.00%
Team USA-1.072.5 x 115.5-1.0Team Slovakia95100.00%
Round 7PlayersCompleted
Team USA-4.0103.0 x 123.04.0Team Poland113100.00%
Team Bulgaria0.0101.5 x 82.5-4.0Team Slovakia94100.00%
Team Russia-0.594.0 x 54.00.5Team Armenia74100.00%
Team Ukraine-3.5208.5 x 129.51.5Team Romania170100.00%
Team Iran-6.0210.5 x 169.54.0Srbija Tim191100.00%
Round 8PlayersCompleted
Team Iran-8.0148.0 x 76.08.0Team Poland112100.00%
Srbija Tim6.0182.0 x 176.0-8.0Team Ukraine180100.00%
Team Armenia-1.051.5 x 68.51.0Team Romania60100.00%
Team Russia4.5134.5 x 55.5-4.5Team Slovakia95100.00%
Team USA8.092.5 x 101.5-8.0Team Bulgaria97100.00%
Round 9PlayersCompleted
Team Bulgaria-6.0120.5 x 121.56.0Team Poland121100.00%
Team Russia-8.0158.5 x 73.58.0Team USA116100.00%
Team Slovakia-4.0128.0 x 90.04.0Team Romania109100.00%
Srbija Tim-7.081.5 x 42.57.0Team Armenia62100.00%
Team Iran-4.5222.5 x 171.52.5Team Ukraine198100.00%