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World League 20161024551294142416
Chess960 World League 201669302706221942
Champions League 20164623819557456
Team Kazakhstan9.036.0003425
Team Nigeria8.028.0001416
Bosnia and Herzegovina6.017.0004235
Team Argentina5.014.0005642
Team México5.013.0001616
Team Moldova4.012.0001421
Team Scotland4.08.000424
Team Mongolia2.04.000030
Team Catalonia2.02.0002617
Team Italia0.00.0005226
Round 1PlayersCompleted
Team Catalonia0.011.0 x 17.0-2.0Team Moldova15100.00%
Team Mongolia0.016.0 x 22.00.0Team Kazakhstan19100.00%
Bosnia and Herzegovina-2.534.5 x 25.50.5Team Italia31100.00%
Team Argentina-0.546.5 x 47.50.5Team México47100.00%
Team Nigeria0.038.0 x 20.00.0Team Scotland29100.00%
Round 2PlayersCompleted
Team Catalonia-4.017.0 x 23.04.0Team Scotland20100.00%
Team Argentina-6.030.0 x 34.06.0Team Nigeria32100.00%
Team México1.034.5 x 37.5-1.0Bosnia and Herzegovina36100.00%
Team Kazakhstan-3.532.0 x 14.03.5Team Italia23100.00%
Team Mongolia2.521.0 x 19.0-2.5Team Moldova20100.00%
Round 3PlayersCompleted
Team Catalonia-4.013.0 x 11.04.0Team Mongolia12100.00%
Team Moldova1.034.5 x 13.5-1.0Team Italia24100.00%
Team México5.031.5 x 68.5-7.0Team Kazakhstan51100.00%
Team Nigeria1.541.5 x 18.5-1.5Bosnia and Herzegovina30100.00%
Team Scotland2.030.0 x 40.0-2.0Team Argentina35100.00%
Round 4PlayersCompleted
Team Argentina-1.020.5 x 19.51.0Team Catalonia20100.00%
Team Scotland4.029.0 x 41.0-4.0Bosnia and Herzegovina35100.00%
Team Kazakhstan-2.033.0 x 29.02.0Team Nigeria31100.00%
Team México0.00.0 x 1.00.0Team Moldova0-
Team Italia-0.56.5 x 17.50.5Team Mongolia12100.00%
Round 5PlayersCompleted
Team Catalonia-2.014.5 x 11.52.0Team Italia13100.00%
Team Mongolia0.05.0 x 15.00.0Team México10100.00%
Team Moldova-2.016.5 x 21.50.0Team Nigeria20100.00%
Team Kazakhstan-2.545.0 x 23.02.5Team Scotland34100.00%
Team Argentina-2.528.5 x 25.52.5Bosnia and Herzegovina27100.00%
Round 6PlayersCompleted
Bosnia and Herzegovina0.022.5 x 11.5-2.0Team Catalonia18100.00%
Team Argentina-1.036.5 x 55.51.0Team Kazakhstan46100.00%
Team Scotland0.023.0 x 19.00.0Team Moldova21100.00%
Team Mongolia2.05.5 x 16.5-2.0Team Nigeria11100.00%
Team México2.049.0 x 7.0-2.0Team Italia28100.00%
Round 7PlayersCompleted
Team México0.014.0 x 8.00.0Team Catalonia11100.00%
Team Nigeria1.537.0 x 21.0-1.5Team Italia29100.00%
Team Mongolia0.00.0 x 1.00.0Team Scotland0-
Team Argentina-7.024.0 x 26.07.0Team Moldova25100.00%
Team Kazakhstan-2.032.5 x 21.52.0Bosnia and Herzegovina27100.00%
Round 8PlayersCompleted
Team Catalonia2.011.5 x 24.5-2.0Team Kazakhstan18100.00%
Team Moldova2.013.5 x 28.5-2.0Bosnia and Herzegovina21100.00%
Team Argentina0.01.0 x 0.00.0Team Mongolia0-
Team Italia-1.523.5 x 30.51.5Team Scotland27100.00%
Team México0.021.0 x 27.00.0Team Nigeria24100.00%
Round 9PlayersCompleted
Team Nigeria1.015.0 x 11.0-1.0Team Catalonia13100.00%
Team México-2.052.0 x 26.02.0Team Scotland39100.00%
Team Argentina-3.045.0 x 19.03.0Team Italia32100.00%
Bosnia and Herzegovina0.01.0 x 0.00.0Team Mongolia0-
Team Moldova0.015.5 x 24.50.0Team Kazakhstan20100.00%