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World League 2017984411302442526
Chess960 World League 201772324741723314
Team Russia9.036.000190131
Team Iran8.028.000142150
Team Ukraine7.021.000136118
Team Slovakia5.013.0009688
Srbija Tim5.011.000230147
Team Bulgaria4.07.00072159
Team Germany3.06.000108103
Team Romania3.04.00062145
Team England1.00.0006451
Team Canada0.00.00058150
Round 1PlayersCompleted
Team Ukraine1.5157.5 x 124.5-1.5Team Bulgaria141100.00%
Team Russia5.5217.0 x 215.0-11.5Team Iran219100.00%
Team Canada8.562.5 x 141.5-12.5Srbija Tim104100.00%
Team Germany4.0105.5 x 108.5-4.0Team Romania107100.00%
Team Slovakia-8.096.0 x 90.06.0Team England94100.00%
Round 2PlayersCompleted
Team Slovakia-7.096.0 x 70.07.0Team Bulgaria83100.00%
Team Germany-7.0120.5 x 103.57.0Team England112100.00%
Team Canada6.072.5 x 127.5-6.0Team Romania100100.00%
Team Iran4.5220.0 x 132.0-6.5Srbija Tim177100.00%
Team Ukraine6.0173.0 x 233.0-6.0Team Russia203100.00%
Round 3PlayersCompleted
Team Russia-5.0164.5 x 143.53.0Team Bulgaria155100.00%
Team Ukraine18.5205.5 x 178.5-22.5Srbija Tim194100.00%
Team Iran-8.0180.5 x 61.54.0Team Romania123100.00%
Team Canada2.096.5 x 127.5-2.0Team England112100.00%
Team Germany2.096.0 x 94.0-4.0Team Slovakia96100.00%
Round 4PlayersCompleted
Team Germany-1.059.0 x 89.0-1.0Team Bulgaria75100.00%
Team Canada3.055.0 x 111.0-5.0Team Slovakia84100.00%
Team England3.076.0 x 140.0-3.0Team Iran108100.00%
Team Ukraine-7.5157.5 x 104.55.5Team Romania132100.00%
Team Russia3.5216.5 x 161.5-7.5Srbija Tim191100.00%
Round 5PlayersCompleted
Srbija Tim-9.5160.5 x 119.59.5Team Bulgaria140100.00%
Team Russia-8.5173.0 x 103.08.5Team Romania138100.00%
Team Ukraine-5.5119.0 x 69.03.5Team England95100.00%
Team Iran-5.0117.5 x 82.53.0Team Slovakia101100.00%
Team Germany2.079.5 x 66.5-2.0Team Canada73100.00%
Round 6PlayersCompleted
Team Canada0.568.5 x 73.5-0.5Team Bulgaria71100.00%
Team Germany1.047.5 x 102.5-1.0Team Iran75100.00%
Team Ukraine-4.096.5 x 75.52.0Team Slovakia87100.00%
Team Russia-8.0139.0 x 113.08.0Team England126100.00%
Team Romania6.584.0 x 148.0-6.5Srbija Tim116100.00%
Round 7PlayersCompleted
Team Bulgaria2.5141.0 x 107.0-2.5Team Romania12599.20%
Team England6.0105.0 x 144.0-6.0Srbija Tim12698.81%
Team Russia-2.599.0 x 70.02.5Team Slovakia8599.41%
Team Germany-2.077.5 x 96.50.0Team Ukraine88100.00%
Team Canada6.041.5 x 129.5-6.0Team Iran8699.42%
Round 8PlayersCompleted
Team Iran-5.095.5 x 48.55.0Team Bulgaria72100.00%
Team Ukraine0.0135.5 x 38.50.0Team Canada87100.00%
Team Russia-2.0115.0 x 27.00.0Team Germany72100.00%
Srbija Tim-3.099.0 x 103.03.0Team Slovakia101100.00%
Team Romania-3.0146.0 x 95.01.0Team England12299.59%
Round 9PlayersCompleted
Team Bulgaria-1.5128.5 x 119.51.5Team England124100.00%
Team Romania1.091.0 x 145.0-1.0Team Slovakia118100.00%
Team Germany0.043.0 x 105.00.0Srbija Tim74100.00%
Team Russia-1.0133.5 x 36.51.0Team Canada8698.84%
Team Ukraine-0.5180.0 x 219.00.5Team Iran20199.25%