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World League 2017984411302442526
Chess960 World League 201773324741723314
Team Kazakhstan9.036.0003225
Team Argentina8.028.0003410
THE ALBANIANS6.017.0003435
Team Indonesia5.016.0002456
Team Sweden5.012.0002420
Team Brazil4.011.0001861
Team Azerbaijan3.08.0001460
Team Galicia2.05.000030
Team Nigeria2.05.0001645
Team Georgia1.02.0001647
Round 1PlayersCompleted
THE ALBANIANS-16.026.0 x 66.016.0Team Kazakhstan46100.00%
Team Georgia-0.522.5 x 25.50.5Team Galicia24100.00%
Team Sweden-1.046.0 x 38.01.0Team Nigeria42100.00%
Team Brazil9.523.5 x 18.5-11.5Team Indonesia22100.00%
Team Argentina-3.543.5 x 12.53.5Team Azerbaijan28100.00%
Round 2PlayersCompleted
Team Argentina-1.557.5 x 70.5-0.5Team Kazakhstan65100.00%
Team Indonesia0.00.0 x 1.00.0Team Azerbaijan0-
Team Brazil-3.540.5 x 26.53.5Team Nigeria3498.53%
Team Galicia3.526.0 x 35.0-3.5Team Sweden3198.39%
Team Georgia0.014.5 x 27.50.0THE ALBANIANS21100.00%
Round 3PlayersCompleted
Team Georgia4.011.5 x 28.5-4.0Team Kazakhstan20100.00%
Team Sweden-1.019.0 x 23.01.0THE ALBANIANS21100.00%
Team Galicia2.029.5 x 26.5-2.0Team Brazil28100.00%
Team Azerbaijan-1.026.5 x 33.51.0Team Nigeria30100.00%
Team Argentina2.028.5 x 13.5-2.0Team Indonesia21100.00%
Round 4PlayersCompleted
Team Kazakhstan0.022.0 x 20.00.0Team Indonesia21100.00%
Team Nigeria1.516.5 x 35.5-1.5Team Argentina26100.00%
Team Azerbaijan0.031.5 x 18.50.0Team Galicia25100.00%
THE ALBANIANS2.026.5 x 17.5-2.0Team Brazil22100.00%
Team Georgia0.022.5 x 33.50.0Team Sweden28100.00%
Round 5PlayersCompleted
Team Sweden0.027.0 x 29.00.0Team Kazakhstan28100.00%
Team Georgia0.523.5 x 28.5-0.5Team Brazil26100.00%
Team Azerbaijan0.018.5 x 33.50.0THE ALBANIANS26100.00%
Team Argentina-2.042.5 x 11.52.0Team Galicia27100.00%
Team Nigeria0.017.5 x 26.50.0Team Indonesia22100.00%
Round 6PlayersCompleted
Team Kazakhstan-2.027.0 x 17.02.0Team Nigeria22100.00%
Team Galicia0.017.0 x 24.00.0Team Indonesia2197.62%
Team Argentina-2.030.0 x 16.02.0THE ALBANIANS23100.00%
Team Azerbaijan-3.020.5 x 17.53.0Team Georgia2095.00%
Team Brazil0.027.0 x 28.00.0Team Sweden3091.67%
Round 7PlayersCompleted
Team Kazakhstan-2.072.0 x 18.02.0Team Brazil4893.75%
Team Sweden-1.031.0 x 20.01.0Team Azerbaijan2987.93%
Team Argentina-2.028.0 x 14.02.0Team Georgia21100.00%
THE ALBANIANS0.018.0 x 22.00.0Team Indonesia20100.00%
Team Nigeria-2.033.5 x 27.52.0Team Galicia3295.31%
Round 8PlayersCompleted
Team Kazakhstan-2.033.5 x 21.52.0Team Galicia3285.94%
THE ALBANIANS0.026.0 x 21.00.0Team Nigeria2594.00%
Team Georgia0.014.5 x 28.50.0Team Indonesia2297.73%
Team Sweden0.025.5 x 43.50.0Team Argentina3988.46%
Team Azerbaijan0.012.5 x 35.50.0Team Brazil2692.31%
Round 9PlayersCompleted
Team Kazakhstan0.029.0 x 8.00.0Team Azerbaijan2380.43%
Team Argentina0.063.5 x 19.50.0Team Brazil5476.85%
Team Sweden0.016.5 x 24.50.0Team Indonesia2389.13%
Team Nigeria0.00.0 x 1.00.0Team Georgia0-
THE ALBANIANS0.022.0 x 16.00.0Team Galicia2576.00%