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Team Russia8.027.000102201
Team Ukraine7.022.00097163
Team Iran6.017.000120171
Team Spain5.013.000134216
Team England5.09.0006496
Srbija Tim3.06.000166224
Team Canada3.03.000108270
Team Hungary Magyar Sakkegylet2.01.000112280
Team Germany1.00.00054128
Team France0.00.00076145
Team Hungary - Magyar Sakkegylet-4.5207.5 x 234.52.5Team Ukraine22399.55%
Team Hungary - Magyar Sakkegylet-4.5211.5 x 340.54.5Team Russia27799.64%
Team Hungary - Magyar Sakkegylet20.0193.5 x 251.5-20.0Srbija Tim22598.89%
Team Hungary - Magyar Sakkegylet-8.5193.0 x 165.04.5Team France18597.84%
Team Hungary - Magyar Sakkegylet-7.5190.0 x 247.07.5Team England24290.29%
Team Hungary - Magyar Sakkegylet0.0178.0 x 242.00.0Team Canada26579.25%
Team Hungary - Magyar Sakkegylet0.0110.0 x 92.00.0Team Germany18454.89%
Team Hungary - Magyar Sakkegylet0.02.0 x 7.00.0Team Spain1872.41%
Team Hungary - Magyar Sakkegylet0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Iran0-