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Team Romania8.030.00098155
Team Slovakia8.029.00098119
Team Argentina7.023.000158109
Team Bulgaria7.022.00048177
Team USA5.010.00010279
Team Poland4.06.00058118
Team of the Czech Republic3.03.0006698
Team Croatia2.01.00078130
Team México1.00.00062236
Team Brazil0.00.000110182
Team Brazil-3.562.5 x 121.53.5Team of the Czech Republic92100.00%
Team Brazil3.059.0 x 137.0-5.0Team Slovakia99100.00%
Team Brazil-0.577.5 x 96.50.5Team Bulgaria87100.00%
Team Brazil-7.563.0 x 118.05.5Team Romania9299.46%
Team Brazil1.547.0 x 113.0-1.5Team Poland80100.00%
Team Brazil-3.555.0 x 135.01.5Team USA96100.00%
Team Brazil1.065.5 x 96.5-1.0Team Croatia81100.00%
Team Brazil4.053.0 x 147.0-4.0Team Argentina10298.04%
Team Brazil1.559.5 x 97.5-1.5Team México7999.37%