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Team Israel-1.022.0 x 16.01.0Team Schweiz-Suisse-Svizzera19100.00%
Team Israel2.026.5 x 15.5-2.0Team Georgia21100.00%
Team Israel6.022.5 x 5.5-8.0Team Peru15100.00%
Team Israel9.021.5 x 28.5-11.0Nicaragua26100.00%
Team Israel2.018.0 x 26.0-2.0Team Catalonia2395.65%
Team Israel2.023.5 x 6.5-2.0Team Wales1693.75%
Team Israel-1.519.5 x 12.51.5Team Austria16100.00%
Team Israel-2.019.0 x 9.02.0Team Zimbabwe1593.33%