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World League 201899203798811306
Chess960 World League 20187215627802780
Team Russia1.00.00025
Chess Team Holland1.00.00004
Team Iran1.00.00002
Team Ukraine1.00.00004
Srbija Tim1.00.00001
Team Spain0.00.000019
Team Poland0.00.00006
Team Germany0.00.00049
Team Slovakia0.00.00005
Team Bulgaria0.00.00005
Round 1PlayersCompleted
Team Russia-1.0132.0 x 64.01.0Team Spain18552.97%
Chess Team Holland0.037.0 x 23.00.0Team Poland8734.48%
Team Germany0.029.0 x 53.00.0Team Iran11037.27%
Team Ukraine0.054.0 x 38.00.0Team Slovakia11440.35%
Srbija Tim0.064.0 x 44.00.0Team Bulgaria13440.30%
Round 2PlayersCompleted
Team Spain0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Bulgaria0-
Team Slovakia0.00.0 x 0.00.0Srbija-Tim0-
Team Iran0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Ukraine0-
Chess Team Holland0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Germany0-
Team Russia0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Poland0-
Round 3PlayersCompleted
Team Poland0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Spain0-
Team Germany0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Russia0-
Team Ukraine0.00.0 x 0.00.0Chess Team Holland0-
Srbija-Tim0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Iran0-
Team Bulgaria0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Slovakia0-
Round 4PlayersCompleted
Team Spain0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Slovakia0-
Team Iran0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Bulgaria0-
Chess Team Holland0.00.0 x 0.00.0Srbija-Tim0-
Team Russia0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Ukraine0-
Team Poland0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Germany0-
Round 5PlayersCompleted
Team Germany0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Spain0-
Team Ukraine0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Poland0-
Srbija-Tim0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Russia0-
Team Bulgaria0.00.0 x 0.00.0Chess Team Holland0-
Team Slovakia0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Iran0-
Round 6PlayersCompleted
Team Spain0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Iran0-
Chess Team Holland0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Slovakia0-
Team Russia0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Bulgaria0-
Team Poland0.00.0 x 0.00.0Srbija-Tim0-
Team Germany0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Ukraine0-
Round 7PlayersCompleted
Team Ukraine0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Spain0-
Srbija-Tim0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Germany0-
Team Bulgaria0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Poland0-
Team Slovakia0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Russia0-
Team Iran0.00.0 x 0.00.0Chess Team Holland0-
Round 8PlayersCompleted
Team Spain0.00.0 x 0.00.0Chess Team Holland0-
Team Russia0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Iran0-
Team Poland0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Slovakia0-
Team Germany0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Bulgaria0-
Team Ukraine0.00.0 x 0.00.0Srbija-Tim0-
Round 9PlayersCompleted
Srbija-Tim0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Spain0-
Team Bulgaria0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Ukraine0-
Team Slovakia0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Germany0-
Team Iran0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Poland0-
Chess Team Holland0.00.0 x 0.00.0Team Russia0-