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World League 2018992711031921892
Chess960 World League 20187321948048366
Bosnia and Herzegovina4.08.00000
Team Denmark4.06.50005
Team Greece3.06.50067
Team Norway3.06.500010
Team Slovenija3.06.000012
Team Iraq3.05.00024
Team Indonesia3.04.000424
Team Italia2.03.000185
Team Japan2.02.00064
Team Nigeria2.01.500023
Team Galicia2.01.00001
Team Bangladesh2.01.000220
Team Catalonia2.01.00006
Team Ireland1.50.250012
Team Azerbaijan1.00.500210
Team Portugal1.00.00000
Team Scotland1.00.00004
Team Malaysia0.50.75003
Team Colombia0.00.000430
Team Turkey0.00.000028
Round 1PlayersCompleted
Team Slovenija2.043.5 x 39.5-2.0Team Greece4592.22%
Team Ireland0.016.5 x 52.50.0Team Norway3988.46%
Team Galicia0.057.0 x 19.00.0Team Turkey4192.68%
Team Nigeria0.00.0 x 1.00.0Bosnia and Herzegovina0-
Team Bangladesh0.025.0 x 21.00.0Team Scotland2592.00%
Team Azerbaijan0.01.0 x 0.00.0Team Malaysia0-
Team Japan0.037.0 x 32.00.0Team Colombia3793.24%
Team Catalonia0.012.0 x 40.00.0Team Indonesia2796.30%
Team Iraq0.01.0 x 0.00.0Team Portugal0-
Team Italia-1.054.5 x 56.51.0Team Denmark6190.98%
Round 2PlayersCompleted
Team Slovenija0.028.0 x 37.00.0Team Norway3787.84%
Team Galicia0.042.0 x 15.00.0Team Scotland3386.36%
Team Azerbaijan0.015.5 x 28.50.0Bosnia and Herzegovina2781.48%
Team Colombia0.021.0 x 29.00.0Team Indonesia2792.59%
Team Denmark2.025.5 x 23.5-2.0Team Iraq2984.48%
Team Ireland0.021.5 x 42.50.0Team Greece4080.00%
Team Bangladesh0.034.0 x 14.00.0Team Turkey2692.31%
Team Nigeria0.01.0 x 0.00.0Team Malaysia0-
Team Japan-1.534.5 x 14.51.5Team Catalonia3081.67%
Team Italia-1.523.5 x 21.51.5Team PORTUGAL2880.36%
Round 3PlayersCompleted
Team Bangladesh0.015.0 x 25.00.0Bosnia and Herzegovina2676.92%
Team Iraq0.015.5 x 10.50.0Team Galicia2650.00%
Team Norway0.022.0 x 38.00.0Team Greece4763.83%
Team Japan0.016.5 x 26.50.0Team Indonesia3071.67%
Team Denmark2.035.0 x 20.0-2.0Team Azerbaijan3774.32%
Team Italia-6.041.0 x 15.06.0Team Nigeria3384.85%
Team Slovenija0.01.0 x 0.00.0Team Portugal0-
Team Catalonia0.027.0 x 19.00.0Team Turkey3467.65%
Team Scotland0.539.0 x 28.0-0.5Team Colombia4869.79%
Team Ireland0.017.0 x 17.00.0Team Malaysia2568.00%
Round 4PlayersCompleted
Bosnia and Herzegovina0.010.0 x 1.00.0Team Indonesia2819.64%
Team Italia0.02.5 x 5.50.0Team Iraq3312.12%
Team Slovenija0.02.0 x 1.00.0Team Japan265.77%
Team Norway0.05.0 x 1.00.0Team Bangladesh2512.00%
Team Galicia0.05.0 x 9.00.0Team Greece3619.44%
Team Denmark0.01.0 x 0.00.0Team Malaysia0-
Team Scotland0.08.0 x 11.00.0Team Nigeria3725.68%
Team Catalonia0.07.0 x 3.00.0Team Azerbaijan3215.63%
Team PORTUGAL0.05.0 x 2.00.0Team Turkey2514.00%
Team Ireland0.09.0 x 7.00.0Team Colombia3920.51%