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Team Turkmenistan2.01.50004
Team India2.01.50006
Team Palestine2.01.00002
Team Wales2.01.00000
Team Georgia1.01.00042
Team Schweiz Suisse Svizzera1.00.50002
Team Uzbekistan1.00.50002
Team Israel1.00.50004
Team Zimbabwe1.00.00001
Team Belgium1.00.00001
Việt Nam1.00.00003
Equipo Team Chile0.50.50006
Team China 0.50.50004
Team Lithuania0.50.00003
Team Austria0.50.00000
Team New Zealand0.50.00000
Team Finland0.00.00006
Team Venezuela0.00.00002
Team Venezuela0.011.0 x 24.00.0Team Belgium2667.31%
Team Venezuela0.03.0 x 4.00.0Việt Nam2613.46%